Advantage - 奥星纳(上海)汽车部件有限公司

    About Us


    Each attention - to detail is with our full heart and soul, Professional Technical Support
    Technical Training:
    In order to improve the customer's product knowledge continuously and enhance the technical capabilities of terminal services, we organize professional knowledge and skills training regularly for distributors and service terminals.
    Technical support hotline:
    With technical support hotline, we can create fast and effective feedback mechanism, and provide remote technical service.
    We sincerely welcome professional agents all around the country to cooperate with us.

    Superior market policy

    Superior market policy - to bring you the best opportunity for development.
    Store support:
    Provide design, presentation and promotional support to distributors and client stores.
    Activity support:
    Plan and organize individual product sales, exhibition and other activities for clients.
    Material support:
    Provide print, network, media and other promotional material to support client's market promotion, also we can provide promotional program for different markets.
    Network, wechat platform:
    Open the network and wechat platform, to enable clients get our first hand information.

    Each attention to detail is with our full heart and soul.


    Great production capacity - no need to worry about products delivery, quantity and quality
    The best equipment ensure the best quality. We also use the world-class CAD software to do the design right.
    At ASSP, we strive for perfection.


    Our high quality has won customers’ trust - with strict quality control, our products are selling well all over the world
    Quality embodies our dignity. We always pursue excellent quality and refuse to be average. We are scrupulous about every detail and have a lot of experience. With Standardized management system and quality assurance system, ASSP quality can be accepted by customers in every corner of the world. Through our efforts with the partners, ASSP products are achieving the most impeccable quality in the world.


    We build a full range of integrated network from production, sales to after-sales service, technical support and so on.

    ASSP now has total about 500 employees, including 70 senior engineers; our core production team has more than 15 years’ working experience on average; we have the best production team and we are one of the largest global manufacturers for suspension parts.